Forum: A Changing Tide In Athletic Training Settings?

Forum: A Changing Tide in Athletic Training Settings? By: Keri Sotak, MS, ATC, CES – Owner of The Athletic Training Room, Oakland I have recently been asking fellow certified athletic trainers if they believe there is a changing tide in athletic training settings....

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ATvantage Feature

The Athletic Training Room is excited and honored to be featured in the ATvantage series highlighting Certified Athletic Trainers in non-traditional settings. We are thankful for companies such as ATvantage to help educate the public about Athletic Training and the...

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What Soft-Tissue Therapies to Use and When

What Soft-Tissue Therapies to Use and When By: Keri Sotak, MS, ATC As clinicians, we have come to be able to provide a variety of soft-tissue therapies on patients. In recent years with the “boom” of Myofascial Decompression, clinicians have many options to provide...

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