In the event of an emergency, it is critical that there are trained first responders on scene.  Since there is not always an athletic trainer at practices and events, coaches, parents, and administrators should be prepared to handle an emergency situation.

Call 630-484-7818 to set up a First Aid/CPR/AED training session.

Adult CPR/AED Certification

This training will prepare you to respond quickly and calmly to emergency situations, which can help save a life. This course is through the American Red Cross and is a blended learning class which consists of completing an online class (approximately 2 hours) and showing up for the practical review (approximately 1.5 hours).

The following steps need to be completed to obtain your Adult CPR/AED certification at The Athletic Training Room:

1) Below, click the date you wish to attend the practical portion of the course. You will be directed to our PayPal secure checkout form.

2) You will need to sign up for an American Red Cross account to access the class if you don’t have one already. For those using a Mac, please use Chrome or Firefox, Safari is not supported. For those on a PC, Microsoft explorer is not supported. Please either click the link or cut and paste the following link into your browser: c610-11e6-97ba-adc268562c07

3) Attend the practical portion for the date and time you have signed up for.

The online portion must be completed prior to practical on Monday’s. Copy the following link into your browser to create an American Red Cross account and complete the online portion: c610-11e6-97ba-adc268562c07 

*Contact Joanne Kinyon for more CPR Training time availabilities

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