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Who We Are

The Athletic Training Room is staffed by National Board Certified Athletic Trainers, certified through the BOC. Certified Athletic Trainers are often found on the sidelines of sporting events, high schools, colleges, professional sports, industrial settings, hospitals, and a variety of others. We believe everyone is an athlete in their own way, from professional athletes to the busy parent, student, or working professional. The Athletic Training Room in Oakland and Elk Grove, California provide individualized and patient-directed orthopedic care to those of all ages, abilities, activity levels.


Our Certified Athletic Trainers Specialize in:
Injury Evaluation
Injury Prevention
Injury Rehabilitation
Manual Therapies
Return To Play/Activity Progression

Who We Serve

If you experience an injury, immediate care is important to reduce pain, swelling, and prevent lost time from participation. Our staff is available to provide an initial evaluation and assessment of the injury, followed by a plan to encourage healing. The ATR services individuals of all ages and activity levels.

Available Services

Treatment of Orthopedic Injury

The Athletic Training Room is staffed by athletic trainers with many years of diverse sports medicine experience at all levels of competition. We have been trained to progress an injured individual from initial injury back to full participation using evidence-based practice to ensure that the best care is given to each individual. All active people are susceptible to injury and our staff is here to return you to the activities you love.

Injury Evaluation & Treatment

Certified Athletic Trainers have the tools and skills to evaluate an orthopedic injury, both acute and chronic. Our Certified Athletic Trainers perform thorough injury evaluations and offer immediate interventions such as soft-tissue therapies, rehabilitation exercises, home exercise programs, and more.

Manual Therapies

Each of the certified athletic trainers at The ATR have been trained in various methods of manual therapies, including Graston Technique, myofascial decompression or "Cupping", myofascial release, joint mobility, stretching, and deep tissue massage. We help our clients improve flexibility, range of motion, mobility, recovery, enhance athletic performance, and decrease pain, soreness, and injury risk.

Manual therapies are used in conjunction with rehabilitation programs, as seen fit by the athletic trainer.

Pre/Post-Operative Rehabilitation

The Athletic Training Room is staffed with certified athletic trainers who specialize in rehabilitation of sports and activity related orthopedic injuries. We use an evidence-based approach to the rehabilitation of sports and orthopedic injuries by applying the most current research and working with your surgeon. We work with you before your surgery to enhance the outcomes and then develop your long-term rehabilitation program designed on an individual basis, to speed your recovery. We are committed to returning each individual to the fullest participation level in the activity they love.

We believe each person should expect the quality of care that was once exclusive to professional athletes. Contact our staff for an evaluation and consultation about your injury.

Youth Injury Prevention Training

The best time to learn injury prevention skills and foundational movements that will help reduce the risk of injury is at an early age. The Athletic Training Room works with youth ages 12 and up to prevent injury by increasing strength, learning proper body mechanics, and practicing sport specific drills. We provide small group and individual training year round to individuals and teams. 

Event Medical Coverage

The ATR values the health and safety of all athletes.  We provide certified athletic trainers at sporting events in the SF Bay Area and Sacramento.  Athletic trainers are specifically trained to; assess acute orthopedic injury and determine participation status, handle cardiac and respiratory emergencies, evaluate concussions and critical head and neck injuries, and work with event planners to develop emergency actions plans.  We strive to keep athletes safe and healthy while they perform the activities that they love.

Education Opportunities

At The ATR, we value education and provide materials for coaches, parents, athletes, and other athletic trainers in order to encourage evidence-based practice.


The ATR is committed to the health and safety of every athlete.  We help to accomplish this by educating parents on recognition and understanding of injuries, injury prevention methods, and basic treatment information.  If you have any questions regarding a specific injury, please contact us at 510-629-0260.


The ATR is committed to the health and safety of every athlete.  We provide educational opportunities for coaches to help them recognize common injuries and conditions, provide first aid, and manage emergency situations.

If you are a coach looking to complete your authorization, need to renew certifications, or just interested in evidence-based sports medicine topics – check out the links on this page.

Athletic Trainers

An athletic trainer is an allied healthcare professional who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of muscle, ligament, tendon, and bone injuries.

An Athletic Trainer:

  • The first healthcare provider at the scene of an injury

  • Able to recognize and evaluate the injury

  • Provides immediate care when needed

  • Treat short and long term orthopedic injuries

  • Create and Implement rehabilitation programs

  • Provides injury prevention techniques

The ATR is staffed with athletic trainers in a private clinical setting.

We provide educational programming as a BOC provider to keep ATC's and students up-to-date on the newest information.

We provide AT coverage throughout the state and understand the importance of on-the-field experience for students.  We provide unique coverage opportunities to AT students, which seperates them from their peers.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Keri. She helped me work through my injury physically but also how to deal with it mentally. I could always count on her to be there to give me the treatment I needed on a daily basis, to answer any questions I had and to help reassure me that if I stuck with the process I would see improvements. I’m very thankful to have had Keri by my side during a difficult time. Keri is professional, reliable and passionate about what she does.”
Devin Pearson
Former Cal Baseball Player
Boston Red Sox Front Office

“Wow! I am so grateful to have been worked on by Keri today. I sprained my ankle while traveling a few weeks back and it’s been hard to get the swelling down as well as get back my range of motion. I was truly impressed with the work Keri did and how well my ankle responded to her techniques. I am walking better and the range of motion is SO much better. Thanks a million for your help!”
Memi V.

“My experience at Cal Berkeley with Keri has been nothing but excellent. After long practices with many shoulder problems she would take the time, even after hours, to make sure I would be at my best for the next practice or game. During team travels she would make sure to schedule individual sessions at any time of day. As I continue my preparation for the Tokyo Olympics I’ll for sure miss the treatment type Keri offers!”
Luca Cupido
Former Cal Men’s Water Polo
USA Men’s Water Polo National Team

“I have been seeing Keri for nearly one year and cannot recommend her enough! She does soft tissue work on my legs after my knee surgery. Keri is extremely knowledgable and professional in what she is doing and you can feel that she truly enjoys helping her clients. She always starts with asking questions to understand the problem/reason for your visit and tailors her work to your needs. She is also an athletic trainer and can suggest exercises/stretches. Thank you Keri!”
Anya L.

“Keri is knowledgable at what she does that brings magical healing powers with the instruments she has available at hand. Anyone that can alleviate pain that allows faster recovery will always be a winner in my book. Highly recommend.”

“Keri was my go-to in the training room when I pitched at Cal. If I ever had any issues with how I was feeling (pain, soreness, fatigue) she always had some knowledge to share on how to combat my issues. Her deep understanding of how athletes’ bodies move, recover and at times break down is what makes her so fantastic. This knowledge is combined with her ability to perform excellent types of soft tissue work in various facets is what sets her apart. On top of all this, I had knee surgery my junior year right before baseball season started. With her help I was able to go from operation table to back on the field in 4 months competing in Pac-12 baseball games. Without her knowledge, good hands and ability to listen to me/doctors/weight room staff on how to best tackle my rehab, I wouldn’t have gotten back on the field as fast as I did and eventually get Drafted by the Twins. Keri is one of the best in the business and I can’t thank her enough for the care and guidance she gave me.”
Alex Schick
Former Cal Baseball Player
Minnesota Twins, Pitcher



“This place is awesome!…My injury is healing and I feel like I am making progress…Plus, their hours are flexible for my schedule with appointments in the early mornings. I feel refreshed and with less pain every time I go!”
Craig R.

“Keri is on of the best in the game! From my time working with at Cal she helped me stay on the field week in and week out. From her ability to understand the body and what treatments need to get done, to her great personality and joy about her. I really enjoyed and appreciate all of her hard work and dedication to getting and keeping me healthy.”
Stefan McClure
Former Cal Football Player
SMU Assistant Football Coach

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